Terms & Conditions:

  1. Family W Membership Card is open to all individuals aged 16 years old and above.
  2. One ic is entitle to apply for 1 membership card only.
  3. Family W Membership fee is RM10.00 and renew annually at the same fee or via points redemption, according to registration date & outlet. Any damaged, stolen or lost card will incur a replacement fee of RM10.
  4. Every RM10 spent in the respective Family W outlet will entitle 1point.Points will not be issued in decimals (ie RM55.55 spent will entitle to 5 points)
  5. There are 4 redemption seasons within the calendar year as follows

          Season 1 & 3:
          Redeem RM2 voucher for any 20points collected.
          Redeem RM5 voucher for any 40points collected.

          Season 2 & 4:
          Entitle for special limited purchases.
          Redemption details shall be disclosed in nearer dates.
          100 points will be required for each card renewal.

  6. Family W Membership card is not an ordinary credit or payment card cannot be transferred, traded or designated to other related parties.
  7. Family W Membership Card must be presented at the point of payment for member points entitlement.
  8. Family W’s employees and promoters must not use membership card during working hours and must not add points to their own card from other customer’s purchases.
  9. Family W reserves the right to refuse the application of any person & does not need to provide any reason for rejection.
  10. Family W has the rights to access and transfer all customer database information for promotional purposes.
  11. Family W reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership card service if deem necessary, with appropiate notice.
  12. Family W reserves the right to modify the terms & conditions of membership card without any prior notice.
  13. Family W reserves the right to change the redemption scoring and/gifts and rebates without prior notice.