The following Terms and Conditions govern the use of the TSS Rewards program (hereafter referred to as “the SERVICE”) offered by Top Secret Studio (hereafter referred to as “the COMPANY”). By enrolling as a member in the TSS Rewards program, you (hereafter referred to as “YOU” or “the Member”) confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. The successful enrolment and use of the SERVICE signify your consent to be bound by this Agreement. The COMPANY reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time without prior notice. Continued use of the SERVICE after any amendments will be considered acceptance of the revised Agreement. If YOU do not agree with any amendments, your only recourse is to discontinue using the SERVICE.


A. TSS Rewards Membership Account

Membership Tiers: The TSS Rewards program consists of four membership tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each membership tier entitles the Member to specific benefits and rewards based on the tier level. [Benefits]

Unique Membership Number and Password: Upon enrolment, each Member will receive a unique membership number. YOU may set a password for your membership account to facilitate inquiries, points calculations, and redemption of benefits. Alternatively, you can refer to our staff for assistance with inquiries, points calculations, and redemption of benefits.


B. Member Service

Point Accumulation: Members will earn 1 TSS Rewards point for every RM1 worth of purchase made at Top Secret Studio.

Point Redemption: Points earned through the TSS Rewards program can be redeemed for purchases at Top Secret Studio. The conversion rate for redemption is 100 points = RM1. Minimum redemption is a block of 500 points.

Point Validity Period: TSS Rewards points are valid for 365 days from the date of accumulation. Points earned in a specific month will expire on the last day of the same month of the following year. For example, points earned on 1st October 2023 will expire on 30th September 2024.


C. Points Redemption

Non-Cash Value: TSS Rewards points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or other forms of money.

Ownership and Rights: TSS Rewards points are not considered property and do not grant the Member full rights of possession. The COMPANY reserves the right to adjust the point value and amend relevant provisions related to points redemption without prior consent.

Point Usage: Members are entitled to convert earned points into designated services or products according to the COMPANY’s relevant provisions.

Misconduct: Fraud, misuse, or any other misconduct in acquiring or using points may result in the immediate cancellation, restriction, or termination of the Member’s points or the use of points.


D. Restrictions on the Use of TSS Rewards

Legal Compliance: Members must use the TSS Rewards program in accordance with the laws and regulations of Malaysia and any other applicable international conventions. The SERVICE cannot be used for illegal purposes or transactions involving prohibited or restricted items.

Infringement: Members shall not engage in any conduct that infringes upon the legal rights of others. Such conduct includes but is not limited to infringing upon reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patents, or any other legal rights.

Termination of Service: The COMPANY reserves the right to suspend, stop, or terminate the SERVICE, in full or in part, and remove the Member’s data in cases of violation of this Agreement or suspicious illegal activities.


E. Privacy Protection

Personal Information: By enrolling in the TSS Rewards program, YOU consent to the use, application, and disclosure of your personal information by the COMPANY in accordance with the [Privacy Policy].

Account Security: YOU are responsible for maintaining the security of your TSS Rewards membership account and password. If you suspect unauthorized access or usage of your account, YOU must notify the COMPANY immediately.


F. System Halt or Failure

Unavailability: The COMPANY shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the unavailability of the SERVICE due to maintenance, telecommunication equipment failure, force majeure incidents, hacker attacks, technical adjustments, or system breakdowns beyond its control.


G. Limitation of Liabilities

COMPANY’s Obligations: The COMPANY is responsible for fulfilling obligations expressly stated in this Agreement.

Disclaimer: The COMPANY does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of any information provided in connection with the SERVICE. The COMPANY disclaims any responsibility for damages incurred due to the use of downloaded content acquired through the SERVICE.

Indirect Damages: To the extent permitted by law, the COMPANY shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, or incidental damages associated with or arising from this Agreement, including breach of warranty, tort, or any other causes.

H. Trademark and Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Intellectual Property: All intellectual property rights, including trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, etc., related to the Top Secret Studio website and its content, are owned by the COMPANY or its affiliated companies as permitted by law.

Unauthorized Use: YOU shall not use, revise, copy, transmit, alter, disseminate, distribute, or publicize any content or programming information of the Top Secret Studio website without prior written consent from the COMPANY.


I. Data Sharing with Third Parties, Partners, and Affiliate Companies

Consent for Data Sharing: By enrolling as a member in the TSS Rewards program, YOU acknowledge and agree that the COMPANY may share certain personal information and data collected during your membership with third-party entities, business partners, and affiliate companies for the purpose of providing you with enhanced services, personalized offers, promotions, and rewards related to the TSS Rewards program.

Scope of Shared Data: The data shared with third parties, partners, and affiliate companies may include but is not limited to name, contact information, purchase history, preferences, and other relevant data collected during your participation in the TSS Rewards program.

Protection of Personal Information: The COMPANY shall take appropriate measures to protect your personal information shared with third parties, partners, and affiliate companies and shall ensure that such entities comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Opt-Out Option: If YOU do not wish to have your personal information shared with third parties, partners, and affiliate companies for marketing or promotional purposes, YOU have the option to opt-out by notifying the COMPANY through: admintss@topsecretstudio.com.my or contact us at 03-62507191.


J. Malaysia Jurisdiction

Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. Relevant lawsuits shall be filed with the appropriate people’s court in the location where Top Secret Studio is located.

By enrolling as a member in the TSS Rewards program, YOU acknowledge that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them throughout your membership tenure. The COMPANY reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions as needed. Please review this Agreement regularly to stay informed of any updates.


Date of Last Update: 24 July 2023

If you have any questions or concerns about this Agreement or the TSS Rewards program, please contact admintss@topsecretstudio.com.my or contact us at 03-62507191.