1. We are committed to ensure your shoes and sneakers are thoroughly cleaned.
  2. We are not able to guarantee that a one-time cleaning will bring your sneakers to the original (brand new) condition, as each individual wear sneakers in different way and may due to the quality of the sneaker.
  3. The cleaning services we provide depends on how serious the stains and the condition of the shoes. Some materials we are unable to clean and the authenticity of your shoes are also a key factor.
  4. All cleaning process will not include restoration and customization services.
  5. protective repel applied is effective for up to 14 days and we advise you to send it twice a month to re-coat.
  6. Cleaning process may caused some materials types to become tender,stiff,brittle and even buckling or peeling. Shrinkage of all materials types is unpredictable and may arise. Slight changes in shades or top finish may occur on all material types. Scars on the leather skins, breaks and skin lines may show to be more noticeable during the cleaning process.
  7. We will record customer’s detail clearly before we start the cleaning process.
  8. Any excuses and unforseen circumstances occurred after the cleaning process will not be entertained.
  9. Each cleaning services will entitled customers a lifetime membership. After joining our membership you will be gifted four time of our special clean service(no expired date)
  10. Our lifetime member fees is RM100. Members are advised to join the 10Q program to get back your RM100 by giving out your referral code to 2 of your friends when they purchase any of our cleaning services.